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Hints for Navigation

Two designs: Three dimensional for modern browsers or simple

Two languages (choose German in the top left area for German)

Top right area with icons for quick access:


Bottom right area with additional icons for quick access:


Support for scrolling: down and up

Path top left next to the language flags for quick reload (click last entry - pictures and sometimes texts will change), to easily go to the welcome page (click Home), or to visit pages in between (just choose the appropriate entry from the path).

Doors for possibilities or with details connected to the particular page on the right (or at top and bottom if you use the simple design) - move your mouse over it to let the door open further or click to enter the new page.

The whole content (if not noted differently) is Copyleft by Georg Pollitt. If you click that hint at the bottom on the left, you'll come back to the welcome page.

World Copyleft 2022 by Georg Pollitt
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